08:15 Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall

08:45 Opening Ceremony. Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, Jose Luis Zamorano, Philippe
Pibarot, Mani Vannan, Madalina Garbi, Bernard Cosyns

08:50 Local host presentation of the venue. Khalil Fattouch

09:00 Keynote lecture
Chairs: Bernard Cosyns, Gilbert Habib, Patrizio Lancellotti

09:00 Emerging concepts in the timing of treatment of valvular heart disease. Philippe Pibarot

09:20 Hot topics in heart valve disease
Chairs: Nina Ajmone, Giovanni La Canna, Jose Luis Zamorano

09:20 Impact of treatment on TR grading. Erwan Donal
09:30 The RV: does it really matter? Theo Pezel
09:40 Surgery for isolated TR. Gilles Dreyfus
09:50 The new kids in the blocks: TEER vs TTVR. Giuseppe Tarantini
10:00 Tricuspid valve repair: surgery or transcatheter. Vincenzo Polizzi

10:10 Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Raluca Elena Dulgheru, Corrado Fiore, Marc Radermeckers

10:10 Flash news in transcatheter aortic valve intervention
Chairs: Francesco Bedogni, Madalina Garbi, Corrado Tamburino

10:10 Self-expendable vs. balloon expendable: which patient to which device? Carlo Di Mario
10:25 Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Eustachio Agricola, Caterina Gandolfo, Marco Moscarelli

10:30 Coffee break in the exhibition hall: poster display of accepted abstract

11:00 Solutions and dilemmas in the management of secondary mitral regurgitation
Chairs: Ottavio Alfieri, Marco Caruso, Francesco Patane

11:00 5 thoughts on anatomy and morphology of mitral valve. Alain Berrebi
11:10 5 thoughts on assessment of mitral regurgitation. Jose Luis Zamorano
11:20 5 thoughts on surgical mitral valve treatment. Khalil Fattouch
11:30 Thoughts on assessment of transcatheter mitral valve treatment. Francesco Maisano
11:40 Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Mathieu Lempereur, Jadranka Separovic, Tommaso Viva

11:50 Flash news
Chairs: Marco Barbanti, Carlo Cicerone, Geu-Ru Hong

12:10 Bioprosthetic durability: what is the future? David A. Wood
12:25 Discussion

12:30 Industry symposium

13:30 Lunch break in the exhibition hall: poster display of accepted abstract

14:30 How should we manage?
Chairs: Giuseppina Novo, Maurice Sarano, Mani Vannan

14:30 Moderate aortic stenosis. Augustin Coisne
14:40 Atrial fibrillation in aortic stenosis. Mathieu Lempereur
14:50 TAVI HALT/HAM. Marco Moscarelli
15:00 Coronary artery disease in TAVI patients. Nicolas M Van Mieghem
15:10 Cardiac amyloidosis in aortic stenosis. Bernard Cosyns
15:20 Radiation-induced aortic stenosis. Patrizio Lancellotti
15:30 Patient-prosthesis mismatch after SAVR. Sabine Bleiziffer
15:40 Antiplatelets therapies after TAVI. Antonio Micari
Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Rodolfo Citro, Covadonga Fernandez-Golfin, Federica Ilardi, Anna Sannino

16:00 Coffee break in the exhibition hall: poster display of accepted abstract

17:00 The need of critical assessment of evidence (Joint with Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery)
Chairs: Khalil Fattouch, Maurice Sarano, Jose Luis Zamorano

17:00 RCTs and real word registries: opposite or complementary? Fabio Barili
17:10 Is there new evidence on transcatheter devices for mitral and tricuspid valve disease? Amodeo Anselmi
17:20 Time is up! We should finally have the right follow-up for setting the TAVI/SAVR issue. Alessandro Parolari
17:30 What we can expect for the future guidelines? Philippe Pibarot
17:50 Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Philippe Bertrand, Marco Moscarelli, Domenico Paparella

18:00 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Chairs: Marie-Annick Clavel, Calogero Di Maio, Mauro Pepi

18:00 Diagnostic work-up of concomitant mitral valve pathologies. Francesco Faletra
18:10 TEER or surgery for MR. Carmelo Grasso
18:20 Medical treatment or surgery for obstructive disease.
18:30 Round table discussion with expert’s panel: Covadonga Fernandez-Golfin, Giovanni La Canna, Marc Radermecke