09:00 Phenotyping mitral regurgitation
Chairs: Eustachio Agricola, Marie Annick Clavel, Michele De Bonis
09:00 Phenotyping vs. staging vs. risk scores: one better than the other? Mani Vannan | See presentation
09:15 Primary MR phenotypes/stages: what do they offer? Nina Ajmone Marsan | See presentation
09:30 Secondary MR phenotypes/stages: do they inform better than proportionate vs. disproportionate MR. Philippe Bertrand | See presentation
09:45 Phenotyping/staging MR: beyond prognosis. Lukas Stolz | See presentation

10:10 Flash news on bicuspid aortic valve
Chairs: Khalil Fattouch, Vincent Tchana Sato, Tommaso Viva
10:10 New classification of BAV. Nina Ajmone Marsan | See presentation

11:00 Burning questions in TAVI
Chairs: Patrizio Lancellotti, Sebastian Ludwig
11:00 High Lifetime Management: valve and sequence selection. Rodolfo Citro | See presentation
11:15 Hemodynamics and durability: what have we learned from flow studies? Marie Annick Clavel | See presentation
11:30 Alternative routes. Mathieu Lempereur | See presentation
11:45 Commissural alignment and coronary access. Mariama Akodad | See presentation

12:10 Flash news
Chair: Marie-Annick Clavel
12:10 New technologies for future treatment of moderate AS. Emmanuel Messas | See presentation

14:00 Nightmare in valvular heart disease
Chairs: Eustachio Agricola, Khalil Fattouch, Patrizio Lancellotti
14:00 A patient with MR and TR. Vlatka Reskovic | See presentation
14:15 A patient with AS and MR. Giovanni La Canna | See presentation
14:30 A patient with cancer and endocarditis. Tommaso Viva | See presentation