November 29

8.00 – SESSION 1

Moderators: Eric Steinmetz

  • Robotic-assisted aortic repair: my worst case, Fabien Thaveau
  • PAD: endovascular bypass is a promising technique, Massimiliano Di Primio
  • Endovascular repair of SFA: my worst case, Lorenzo Patrone
  • Anaesthesia in vascular surgery: my worst case, Stéphanie Roullet
  • Technical future: FEVAR homemade assisted by 3D printing, Daniela Branzan

9.30 – SESSION 2

Moderators: Nicolas Diard / Daniela Branzan

  • CFA stenting: my worst case, Yann Goueffic
  • Technical future: CTA with image fusion guidance in PAD endovascular repair, Nicolas Louis
  • Limb arteries endovascular repair : my worst case, Bahaa Nasr
  • EVAR: my worst case, TBD
  • EVAR: my worst case, TBD
  • TEVAR: my worst case, TBD

11.15 – Break

11.45 – Session 3

Moderators: Jean-Baptiste Bocquel / Colin Bicknell

  • EVAR: my worst case, Nuno Dias
  • The most promising method : in situ laser fenestration, Dominique Fabre
  • PAD endovascular repair: my worst case, Koen Deloose
  • CAS: my worst case, José Lorenzo Leal
  • EVAR: my worst case, TBD

13.00 – Lectures

13.30 – Lunch break

14.30 – Session 4

Moderators: Mathieu Poirier / Yann Goueffic

  • Technical future: CO2 angiography procedures, Mauro Gargiulo
  • SFA repair: my worst case, Jérome Brunet
  • EVAR: my worst case, TBD
  • Iliac endovascular repair: my worst case, Patrice de Cassin
  • EVAR: my worst case, Jean-Pierre Becquemin
  • PAD endovascular repair: my worst case, Laurence Destrieux
  • Aortic repair: my worst case, Claude Mialhe

16.30 – End of sessions