Industry Symposia
Thursday April 25

Tricuspid valve disease – forgotten no more
Chairman: Patrizio Lancellotti
 12:30   Session objectives
Patrizio Lancellotti
12:32   Understanding the tricuspid valve
Gilles Dreyfus
12:40   Discussion   
12:42   Innovative therapy for patients suffering from tricuspid valve disease - the Edwards solution
Javier Goicolea
12:50   Discussion  
12:52   Identifying the right patients for transcatheter treament of tricuspid regurgitation
Eustachio Agricola
13:00   Discussion        
13:02   The impact of Cardioband system on patients with tricuspid regurgitation
Nicola Buzzatti
13:10   Discussion        
13:12   Session evaluation and key learnings
Patrizio Lancellotti    
Friday April 26
 12:30   Challenges in patient selection in aortic and mitral valve diseases: what’s the future?
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, Jan Van Der Heyden
    Scenario 1
12:30   Introduction
Patrizio Lancellotti
12:37   Timing of surgical or transcatheter intervention in aortic stenosis: review of future strategies
12:37   Surgical interventions
Xavier Cobiella
12:44   Mitral valve regurgitation in the contemporary era: insights into patients management and future directions
12:51   Surgical interventions
Xavier Cobiella
12:59   Transcatheter Interventions
Jan Van Der Heyden
13:11   Conclusion
Jan Van Der Heyden

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