Friday April 27, 2018
  08:30   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
      Live Cases from Maria Eleonora Hospital (Neochord Implantation)
  09:00   Keynote lecture
Chairmen: Alessandro Della Corte, Concetta Zito
  09:00   What is new in our understanding of bicuspid aortic valve? Maurice Sarano
  09:20   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Natzi Sakalihasan, Arturo Evangelista, Gilbert Habib
  09:30   Flash news. New frontiers in tricuspid regurgitation
Chairmen: Mani A. Vannan, José Luis Zamorano, Xiao Zhou
  09:30   Secondary TR: horses and zebras, Mani Vannan
  09:45   Quantification of TR: what we do and can we do better? Jose Luis Zamorano
  10:00   TV anatomy for the imager and the interventionist, Madalina Garbi
  10:15   Trans-catheter TV repair : leaflet or annuloplasty techniques, Corrado Tamburino
  10:30   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Raluca Elena Dulgheru, Xiao Zhou
  10:45   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
  11:15   Symposium: secondary mitral regurgitation joint with the mitral academy
Chairmen: Khalil Fattouch, Gino Gerosa, Prakash P. Punjabi
  11:15   What is new in our understanding of this disease? Luc A. Piérard
  11:30   What have we learned from the surgical experience? Nicola Buzzatti
  11:45   Current status in trans-apical and catheter mitral leaflets and annuloplasty
procedures, Khalil Fattouch
  12:00   Mitral valve reference center, Ariana Gonzalez Gomez
  12:15   Mitraclip and trans-apical neochordae: in which patients I miss a concomitant
annuloplasty most? Ralph Stefan Von Bardeleben
  12:30   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Massimo Benedetto, Madalina Garbi, Giovanni La Canna
  12:45   Industry symposium
      Challenges in procedure and imaging in aortic and mitral valve diseases:
what could we do?
      Chairmen: Stefan Von Bardeleben, José Luis Zamorano
  12:45   Introduction, José Luis Zamorano
  12:47   Anatomical Intelligence and Image fusion: can we redefine the imaging for structural procedures? Stefan Von Bardeleben
  12:57   Aortic valve replacement: what’s the future? José Albors Martin
  13:07   Transcatheter mitral valve repair: time for evidence! Stefan Von Bardeleben
  13:17   How to further improve the pre, during and post TMVR imaging and patient selection? José Luis Zamorano
  13:20   Conclusion, Stefan Von Bardeleben
  13:30   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
  14:30   Case-based session. Controversial issues in surgical indication of valvular
heart diseases
      Chairmen: Philippe Pibarot, Arturo Evangelist, Giovanni La Canna
  14:30   Aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation, Mani A. Vannan
  14:45   Isolated or residual severe tricuspid regurgitation, Xiao Zhou
  14:55   Patient with a particular Barlows disease, Alain Berrebi
  15:05   Symptomatic moderate aortic stenosis with LVH, Marie-Annick Clavel
  15.15   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Carlo Caserta, Olivier Gach,
Thomas Modine, Raphael Rosenhek
  15:25   Interactive session: what is your diagnosis?
Chairmen: Eustachio Agricola, Luc A. Pierard
  15:25   A storm, Raluca Elena Dulgheru
  15:40   A trick, Giovanni La Canna
  15:55   A pitfall, Augustin Coisne
  16:10   Round table discussion with experts' panel, Thomas Modine, Luc A. Piérard,
Raphael Rosenhek
  16:25   Closing remarks
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano,
Luc A. Piérard, Corrado Tamburino, Salvatore Novo
Sclérothérapie, mousse sclérosante, saphène accessoire antérieure de cuisse