Thursday January 26, 2017
  08:15   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
  08:45   Opening ceremony
Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano, Luc A Piérard
  08:50   Local host presentation of Barcelona
Arturo Evangelista, Pilar Tornos
  09:00   Symposium: optimizing outcomes in valvular heart disease
Chairmen: Pilar Tornos, Bernard Prendergast
  09:00   Heart valve center of reference, John Chambers
  09:18   Endocarditis team, Gilbert Habib
  09:36   Round table discussion with expert’s panel, Philippe Pibarot, Raphael Rosenhek, Anne Bernard, Walid Abukhudair
  09:55   Keynote lecture
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, Jose Luis Zamonaro
  09:55   Tricuspid regurgitation: prevalence and treatment approach, Maurice Sarano
  10:05   Round table discussion with expert’s panel, Gilles Dreyfus, Alain Berrebi,
Michele De Bonis
  10:15   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      ePosters competition in the plenary room
      Chairmen: Cécile Oury, Thomas Modine
  10:45   Trends in cardiac surgery: joint with the Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery SICCH
Chairmen: Alessandro Parolari, Luc A. Piérard
  10:45   Is there a room for innovation in aortic surgery? Khalil Fattouch
  11:00   Importance of the prosthesis choice in the valve-in-valve Era, Thomas Modine
  11:15   Medium-low risk patients with AS: conventional, sutureless or TAVI?
Francesco Musumeci
  11:30   Cost-effectiveness of TAVI versus suturless in low-medium risk patients,
Antonio Miceli
  11:45   Round table discussion with expert’s panel, Erwan Donal, Thomas Modine,
Rodolphe Durieux, Khalil Fattouch
  12:00   symposium: Valves are to flow as Flow is to Valves
  12:00   Multimodality imaging using fluoroscopy and full Volume 3D TEE in advanced
valve therapy, Pierre-Yves Litzler
  12:20   Echocardiographic innovations for transcatheter mitral valve procedures,
Andrea Colli
  12:40   Discussion
  12:45   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
  13:45   symposium: Shaping the future of TAVI
       Chairmen: Thomas Modine, Patrizio Lancellotti
  13:45    Introduction, Thomas Modine
  13:50    My clinical experience with Lotus, Didier Tchétché
   14:05    Expanding indications with TAVI, what does it take? Thomas Modine
   14:20    Wrap up, Patrizio Lancellotti
  14:30   Ascending aorta dilation and aortic valve disease
Chairmen: Gilles Dreyfus, Khalil Fattouch
  14:30   Mechanisms and progression, Agnes Pasquet
  14:45   Ideal follow-up by imaging techniques, Arturo Evangelista
  15:00   Risk in special circumstances: pregnancy, sport activities, Bernard Iung
  15:15   Surgical indications. A critical point of view, Jean Luc Monin
  15:30   Round table discussion with expert’s panel, Prakash P. Punjabi,
Raluca Elena Dulgheru
  15:45   Flash news
Chairmen: Arturo Evangelista, Madalina Garbi
  15:45   HAVEC registry in aortic stenosis, Patrizio Lancellotti
  16:00   The role of imaging in clinical trials, Alexandra Gonçalvez
  16:15   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
      ePosters competition in the plenary room
      Chairmen: Jutta Bergler-Klein, José Luis Zamorano
  16:45   Short communications: hot topics in TAVI
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch
  16:45   Paravalvular regurgitation: did we fix it or is this still an issue in 2016?
Philippe Pibarot
  17:00   Subclinical valve thrombosis post TAVR: should we panic or calm down?
Joëlle Kefer
  17:15   TAVR is ready from prime time in intermediate risk population? low risk population? Didier Tchétché
  17:30   TAVI durability: similar or worse than surgical valve, Thomas Modine
  17:45   Does LV mechanics play a role in durability, José Luis Zamorano
  18:00   Round table discussion with expert’s panel, Philippe Kolh, Bernard Prendergast,
Luc A. Piérard, Christophe Martinez
  18:15   Short communications: how to manage anticoagulant therapy in valve disease.
Joint with the Heart Valve Society

Chairmen: Gilbert Habib, Alain Berrebi
  18:15   After valve replacement, Raphael Rosenhek
  18:25   In infective endocarditis, Pilar Tornos
  18:35   Before and during pregnancy, Bernard Prendegast
  18:45   Is there a place for new anticoagulants in prosthetic valves? Erwan Donal
  18:45   End of the sessions