Friday January 27, 2017
  08:30   Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
  09:00   Case-based session: infective endocarditis. Applying the new guidelines
Chairmen: Bernard Cosyns, Pilar Tornos
  09:00   A case of large vegetation with neurological complication, Maria Nazarena Pizzi
  09:20   A case of prosthetic valve endocarditis, Ariana Gonzalez-Gomez
  09:40   Endocarditis in the elderly, Gilbert Habib
  09:50   Flash news in mitral regurgitation
Chairmen: Francesco Maisano, Jutta Bergler-Klein
  09:50   Mitral valve prolapse and sudden death, Jean-François Avierinos
  10:05   Mitral valve pathology and treatment in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,
Gilles Dreyfus
  10:20   Coffee break in the exhibition hall
  10:50   Transcatheter mitral interventions: concepts applications, imaging and outcomes. Joint with the Mitral Academy
Chairmen: Patrizio Lancellotti, khalil Fattouch, Ottavio Alfieri
  10:50   Clinical indication, Didier Tchéché
  11:05   New imaging features in guiding therapeutic orientations, Giovanni La Canna
  11:20   TMVR: early clinical outcomes, Thomas Modine
  11:35   Percutaneous repair experiences? Francesco Maisano
  11:50   Round discussion with expert’s panel, Luc A. Piérard, Didier Tchétché,
Giovanni La Canna, Rodolphe Durieux, Madalina Garbi, Shantanu Sengupta
  12:05   symposium: The present and the future of TMVR
      Chairmen: Francesco Maisano, Magnus Settergren
  12:05   Introduction Francesco Maisano, Magnus Settergren
  12:07   Who can benefit now from the TMVR Therapy? – The Echo Perspective
Marta Sitges
  12:17   Who can benefit now from the TMVR Therapy? – The Clinical Perspective Dabit
Dabit Arzamendi
  12:27   Why to refer now to TMVR Therapy? Fausto Castriota
  12:37   The future of TMVR Therapy, Magnus Settergren
  12:47   Conclusions, Francesco Maisano
  12:50   Lunch break in the exhibition hall
  13:50   Flash news on pulmonary valve
Chairmen: Prakash P. Punjabi, Philippe Unger
  13:50   Imaging assessment, Alain Fraisse
  14:05   Indications for treatment, Agnes Pasquet
  14:20   Treatment option, Alain Fraisse
  14:35   Round discussion with experts panel, Michele De Bonis
  14:50   Interactive session: what is your diagnosis?
Chairmen: Pilar Tornos, Michele De Bonis
  14:50   A storm, Giovanni La Canna
  15:05   A trick, Erwan Donal
  15:20   A nightmare, Raluca Elena Dulgheru
  15:35   A pitfall, Anne Bernard
  15:50   Closing remarks
      Patrizio Lancellotti, Khalil Fattouch, Gilbert Habib, José Luis Zamorano, Luc Piérard, Arturo Evangelista, Pilar Tornos
  16:00   Adjournment